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Welcome to Wizard School Online! 

We are here to help keep budding Wizard's entertained during isolation, with activities, challenges and games which they can complete at home.

As an independent start-up, this is a scary time for us, but we welcome the opportunity to still provide entertainment and creativity when we all need it most!

So please help by sharing this website link on social media platforms, or by using the handle @wizardschoolexperience, you can also make a donation via Paypal below.


Thanks so much for the support, enjoy the content, and see you soon! 

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the wizard school experience

Brighton's Wizard School is a brand new children's workshop and holiday club adventure for 6-10yr olds. Children will boost their confidence through character play, co-operative puzzles,  potion making, and a whole lot of magic!  


Children will put on robes and transform into their own wizard characters, create their own enchanted sword, and combine all of these lessons to pass the final test, to graduate as Wizards of the realm! 

All Wizard's receive an enchanted sword and Personalised scroll certificate!

Discover the magic in you!


"Perfectly Magical!

They went that extra mile, it's something truly unique with all the atmosphere and creativity of a ‘true’ school of magic, Matilda is still beaming! 


This group nailed it! I highly recommend this and my daughter is counting the days till the next one!"

Donna James.

"My 9 year old absolutely loved his Wizard School Experience, he gave it a score of 10 out of 10 too which is amazing as he doesn't give out 10s often!


On arrival, we encountered a friendly welcome from Ezmeralda and I was asked to fill in a consent/parental form. Everything felt very professional and I felt 100% happy I was leaving my little one in a safe environment. Thank you"

Lesley Burdett


Alatar - Leon Simmonds 

Meet the creator of Wizard School- Leon Simmonds!

Leon has been a Professional Magician, Entrepreneur, Event Producer and Entertainer in Brighton for over 15 years.

You may know Leon from his Children's Pirate School Experience or from his teaching at Jittabugs Theatre School's children's workshops!

With DBS accreditation, first aid qualification and a wonderful way with children, Leon is all you would want in a children's workshop entertainer!

Your children will love meeting a real-life wizard! 

Ezmerelda - Esme Sarfas

Esme has performed professionally with adults and children for over ten years as an entertainer, actor, host, singer and everything in between!

She is also an experienced events and workshop host, running craft, circus and sporting events for families and kids throughout the southeast of England.


She has worked at family friendly events such as Enchanted Horsham, Leigh Fayre, Blackheath Fair, Shambala Festival, Brighton fringe festival and is about to celebrate her 10th year working with Glastonbury Kids Field. Esme loves to bring a touch of magic to everything she does! 


Esme is fully DBS accredited.

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